Bug House Championship

Maurice Ashley in an overview of the 2015 Millionaire Chess Tournament

korley,, 2nd Grand Norms

 Rivairly on the chessboard

World Championship Carlsen wins again!!!!

 New Queen Of African Chess

Norway Championship 

Suspended cheating-scandal

Nakamura wins in Paris

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Kovalenko Wins Najdorf Memorial With 2902 Performance

on 7/20/15, 3:11 AM.

GM Igor Kovalenko won the Najdorf Memorial in Warsaw, Poland most convincingly. The 26-year-old Ukrainian-born Latvian GM scored 8.0/9, good for a 2902 performance rating and the € 5,000 ($5,500) first prize.

Photo courtesy of the Najdorf Memorial.

He's not that well known yet, and probably scored his career's best result last week in Poland: Igor Kovalenko. Born in Novomoskovsk, Ukraine in 1988, he switched federations to Latvia in 2013 and immediately won the Latvian championship that year and the next.

In the past few days, Kovalenko was in top shape. We know that he started with four out of four, just like GM Andrey Zhigalko of Belarus. Obviously the two played each other in round five, and despite playing Black, Kovalenko managed to keep his perfect score:


Congradulation Justus

Leaders after the first four rounds in the Millonaire tournament from the GM perspective

2019 African Juniors

Covering the planet in Chess,Nigerea 

Dominguez vs Nakamura

With a 10-move draw (yes, they still exist!) with Michal Krasenkow, Kovalenko clinched the 5000 euro first prize. His 8.0/9 was a full point more than that of runner-up Cheparinov, and Kovalenko performed just above 2900.


2015 Najdorf Memorial | Final Standings (Top 20)

Place S.No. Title Name Fed. FIDE Total MBch. Bch. Perf
1 2 GM Kovalenko, Igor LAT 2682 8.0 40.50 52.00 2902
2 1 GM Cheparinov, Ivan BUL 2683 7.0 37.50 48.00 2739
3 8 GM Krasenkow, Michal POL 2610 6.5 40.00 52.50 2652
4 21 IM Kanarek, Marcel POL 2508 6.5 36.00 45.00 2667
5 14 GM Tomczak, Jacek POL 2579 6.5 35.00 46.00 2621
6 15 GM Zhigalko, Andrey BLR 2574 6.0 40.50 52.00 2658
7 30 IM Meskovs, Nikita LAT 2457 6.0 39.00 52.00 2695
8 5 GM Safarli, Eltaj AZE 2649 6.0 39.00 50.00 2603
9 10 GM Piorun, Kacper POL 2591 6.0 37.50 48.50 2597
10 16 GM Markowski, Tomasz POL 2566 6.0 37.50 48.50 2634
11 4 GM Efimenko, Zahar UKR 2652 6.0 35.50 46.00 2591
12 26 IM Klekowski, Maciej POL 2475 6.0 35.00 42.00 2597
13 20 GM Bajarani, Ulvi AZE 2515 6.0 33.50 43.50 2564
14 19 GM Rozentalis, Eduardas LTU 2530 6.0 32.00 40.50 2508
15 13 GM Miśta, Aleksander POL 2585 5.5 41.00 52.00 2611
16 31 IM Warakomski, Tomasz POL 2449 5.5 37.50 47.50 2584
17 29 IM Drozdowski, Kacper POL 2468 5.5 36.00 45.00 2522
18 9 GM Neiksans, Arturs LAT 2597 5.5 35.50 45.50 2519
19 25 IM Sunilduth Lyna, Narayanan IND 2475 5.5 34.50 45.50 2547
20 23 IM Sadzikowski, Daniel POL 2477 5.5 34.50 44.50 2488

Full final standings here.

Carlson Takes Lead


Sinquefield Cup 2018

Blitz Championship winner to play Carlsen




Egypt first 2700 Rated Player..

Battle of the States Cleveland/ Chicago

U. S. Junior Championship

Womens' Cadat for Championship

14 year old wins National Championship

Carlsen Wins Again To Catch Aronian, Topalov Falters


Millionaire Chess Winner 2016

So takes lead vs Carlsen

Stockfish wins Computer Championship

The Legend Returns!!!

Nakamura on CNN Money

Nakamura falters In finals

5-Way Tie At Strong Abu Dhabi Masters

Carlsen & Karjakin

So, begins to defend Champioship Title

America wins 2016 Olympic Chess

So surges to win vs mamedyarov speed chess-championship

2019 World Open Comes To A End.

SO wins-sinquefield

Aronian wins 2015 Sinquefield Cup!

Magnus retain Title

Caruana wins in 110moves now

U S Championship alone with Women's Championship

Najer upsets Anand

Carauna wins Norway Championship

American Chess Championship Continues

Nakamura is the man

Aronian beats Carlson

Next Move Blitz

Jamaican Champion 2018

Carlsen vs Karjakin

Ding beats Carlsen in playoff for Cup

Jamaica girl wins large

Interview with WGM Jennifer Shahade

Sinquefield Cup begins with Draws.

Building Minds In Chess

Carlson vs So

Daaim Shabazz, Reflect on Sinquefield Cup

fide rating point with Carlsen leading

Chess Team Under Fire

Carlson score 62-2 in Simul

Olympic Team Is Set

Blitz Chess Championship

Carlsen wins again!!!


My Man Josh

With a 5-0 sweep on Sunday, GM Garry Kasparov crushed GM Nigel Short in the Battle of the Legends match in St. Louis. The final score was 8.5-1.5 for the 13th world champion, who said that he “enjoyed it immensely.”

Carlsen vs. Nakamura Showdown on 10-27!

Rating List World Championship

Carlsen leads after top  Resign ShankLand Resign

Championship show changing face of Chess in US.


Anand a historic career

Anand leadshigh scoring indian-contingent in pro chess round6


Webster New York Chess


History made African Chess

World Cup: Nakamura Wins Armageddon, Nepomniachtchi Appeal Rejected

Aronian wins in Palma

Young Indian girl beats GM

Chess Magazines on the rise or decline?

Colas earns 3rd GM Norm

Who Is Magnus Carlsen's Secret Second?

caruana beats-nakamura

Lengendary Chess Players passes away

Up and coming talent in Atlanta

The World's Best Chess Players

Maurice Ashley day in Houston

Justin,Coles young masters

Chess Around The World Memorial Title

Top Players play in French Tournament of 2015  http://www.chess.com/news/top-gms-play-in-top-12-french-league

The Cage Match

https://www.chess.com/news/view/Nakamura wins in Paris

Women's Championship

Womens World Championship 2018

Anand is the big winner

So suffer third lost in a role at the Sinquefieldcup

The women's list saw less significant changes. GM Hou Yifan (2686) didn't play this month (but she's playing the Nakhchivan Open, which starts today!), and is still 11 points ahead of GM Judit Polgar (2675). The Hungarian chess legend has retired, and will be considered inactve by FIDE a year after her last rated game.

GM Ju Wenjun lost 12 points at the Women's World Championship, the Women's World Team Championship and the Chinese league, and dropped from #5 to #6. GM Bela Khotenashvili won 14 points at the the same three events.

World Champion IM Mariya Muzychuk ironically lost two rating points in Sochi, but won four in Chengdu. GM Harika Dronavalli, WGM Olga Girya and WGM Natalija Pogonina won 16, 15 and 18 points respectively. 

GM Elina Danielian had a bad month: she lost no fewer than 30 points at the Women's World Championship, the Women's World Team Championship and the Aeroflot Open.

The next Prodigy Tai

Chicago Vs Detroit

Nakamura's WINS BLITZ

117th U.S. Open

Carlsen to lead Norway Championship

China wins Olympiad 2018

Maurice Ashley In Africa

Spreading the love of Chess to all

A Great job Frank Johnson is doing for the kids of Atlanta..http://www.thechessdrum.net/blog/2015/06/04/chess-coach-net-summer-camp-june-8th-12th/

Look back at the Millionaire Chess 2015

Isle of Man International Open

Kentucky Governor Chess Comment

Aleksandra-Goryachkina wins a chance for Title

Chess Olympian

Its all about the Women

kasparov continue his return to Tournament Chess

American Youth win in China

-nakamura crosses 2800

Charles Covington Life Master


Carlson wins Championship

Nakumara faces Carlsen

Carlsen wins again

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Aronian wins Saint-Louis rapid-blitz grand chess tour

US Championship round 4

Chicago Open Championship

Women's Olympiad Team

Ashley Propell Chess In Africa

Justuswilliams  continue to grow stronger!!!!

Nakamura siege victory

2nd youngest GrandMaster in History

Computer Plays game 12

The Millionare  tournament is going down!!! join in on the fun

Chess streaming from St. Louis Challenge.

Where are they now?

Nakamura is still hanging tuff!!!!

Blitz Battle

42nd Chess Olympaid Opens

Caruna wins fide canditates tournament

Proud of these Kids


Making A living Playing Chess

My man Nakamura gives back to Detriot community...

World Championship

Judith Polar history Event

Emory Tate Memorial.

Detriot Scholastic Chess

Nakamura routs  dobrov in speed chess championship

Death Match Returns

Post Sinquefield (Live) Ratings: Nakamura World #2, Aronian #7

Carlson wins Fischer tournament

Olympaid first round results

Computer Chess Battle.

London Classic

Nakamura battles for America

2017 Spice Cup

Chess is booming in Florida would love to see more in Arkansas it's time.

Southern Open


One of the young talents in the Chess World Joshua Coles

Chicago Chess Club host GM

London Classic


Nakamura Wins Zurich Opening Blitz; Anand, Shirov Second

Jul 21st, 2015 by Daaim Shabazz

KCF President Githinji Hinga introduces GM Nigel Short. Photo by Kim Bhari.

Whilst the drama of the Tsogo Sun Millionaire Satellite event was unfolding over the weekend, GM Nigel Short was concluding his African tour with a 3- day visit to Kenya! Nigel was the guest of honour at the 2015 NAIROBI GYMKHANA BLITZ CHESS CHAMPIONSHIP Championships where he conducted a 30-board simultaneous exhibition scoring a perfect 30/30 score in the process. KCF wishes to congratulate CM Ben Magana who won the rapid event and Joseph Metu who won the blitz. Results of both tournaments can be accessed below:

The British Grandmaster with Kim Bhari.

Nigel then conducted a training session for the top players and upcoming juniors and did numerous television interviews including this excellent 30-minute session on the morning sports show of K24 Alfajiri TV.

KCF Africa would like to extend our thanks to Nigel for his efforts to develop the game across the continent. He has traversed the continent visiting Ghana, South Africa, Zimbabwe and Kenya and has been on the road road for almost three weeks in total.

We hope he can now get some hard earned rest back home in Greece at the end of a highly successful tour!

~Kasparov Chess Foundation

Ding enters Sinquefield Cup finals

Carlson leads Biel Field

The Chess drum Blitz tournament

who will be the 1st Nigerian Grand Master


So, last American Standing

My man Nakamura!!!.